The 60's/Surf Beach Manly in the 60's
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Manly is one of Australia’s most popular tourist destinations. It’s world famous surf swells make Surf Beach a Mecca for surfers from near and far. Norfolk Pines are a unique feature of the New South Wales coastline. They were planted along the shoreline more than a century ago to provide shade and to stabilise the sandy beach-fronts. In the distance you can see Basket (?) Island. Featured in the foreground is an old police motorbike with sidecar that, most likely, doubled as the family vehicle on weekends. Next are a couple of very popular surfer vehicles, the VW Beetle and the FJ Holden Ute. A surfer would never have owned the MG midget in the ‘60s as we spent too much time in the surf to accumulate enough money to buy anything of this calibre. The grey and white 1960s Ford XK Falcon (the first of the Falcon series) was a very popular suburban family vehicle back then and, next is another icon of the era the 1961 EK Holden. The first 4x4 vehicle commercially available in Australia, the British Land Rover, was a regular visitor in Manly during holiday periods as it is an ideal vehicle to negotiate the rugged terrain of outback Australia.

In his paintings Garry recalls the surf craft, clothing, cars and icons of that era in minute accurate detail. He creates original paintings from his memory of personal experiences. Each scene is more than a painting, it also tells a story of that era.
Working mostly in gouache, Garry's vibrant style reflects the magic of the ocean and his love of riding the waves.

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