The 60's/Beach Break
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Two self-proclaimed experts check out the shape of a board, another surfer searches for wax in his van while others canít get out to this beach break fast enough.
The VW Kombi owner was the envy of all of us surfers in the 1960s. Rugged, reliable and cheap to run, this well-known icon was a weekend mobile home to many lucky surfers.
The Ford wagon was originally designed as a family vehicle but doubled very well as a surf wagon, it was amazing how many surfers and boards could be crammed in to its roomy interior. The advanced style and design of The 55 Chevy Bel-Air make this classic American car as popular today as it was over half a century ago

Garry draws on his surfing and working experiences in California to recreate the early days of American surfing. He spent time with Gordon and Smith in San Diego and Hawaii, with Ocean Pacific and it's founder Jim Jenks, and working with the great textile designer Walter Hoffman in California. And, of course, he surfed with many of America's great old time surfers.
In his paintings Garry recalls the surf craft, clothing, cars and icons of that era in minute accurate detail. He creates original paintings from his memory of personal experiences. Each scene is more than a painting, it also tells a story of that era.
Working mostly in gouache, Garry's vibrant style reflects the magic of the ocean and his love of riding the waves.

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